Monday, April 8, 2013

Terrorism and Cyber Crime Out Hurt Us

Richard Power has a record of having served more than five hundred institutions all over the world. Richard Power has held briefings on issues related to security, intelligence and risk. Under these areas of speciality, he deals with personal security. He has done briefings ion personal security even for dignitaries and governments too. Other than that he is good at cyber security too.
Crisis management and terrorism are some of the other areas that Richard Power contributes in. As well know, terrorism is one of the emerging issues that have had a negative impact on the world. There are some very severe cases that have been reported in the world and Richard Power has contributed immensely to the solution on the same issue. Richard Power has always been at hand to advice governments as well as institutions to make sure that they are very safe in terms of any threat that may come on their way. Security has become a primary need thus Richard being committed to ensure that the companies benefit.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Richard Power the Journalist

Most of the companies in the world are investing a lot in security issues. It has been on the increase and the trend is worrying. Richard Power has been quoted by major stations as well as publications dealing on the issue. Richard Power has been quoted by The Financial Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times as well as Reuters and Associated Press. These are world recognized editions and to be featured you need to have made a mark in your field of work.
On the other hand, Richard Power has been interviewed by major media houses that are recognized all over the world. He has been on CNN, PBS, NPR as well as BBC.Getting some recognition in such fields is not an easy thing and that is the reason behind Richard Power being a power house in security related issues. He has a lot of understanding if not deep understanding in the security field.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Early Life of Richard Power

Richard Power had a life like that of any other person. Richard Power got to go places due to the nature of his fathers work. He got to learn a lot in the process and it has created and molded him to who he is. Richard Power was born in Illinois .It never passed a long time before they moved to Lincolnwood. The main reason that enhanced all the movement was the nature of his fathers work. The father was a teacher and when duty called him to move he had no other wise. It never took time again before they moved again to Bangkok in Thailand. His father had been called in by an international school in Bangkok.
Richard Power got his educated from the same institution that his father was teaching. It was in this period that Richard Power gained a lot of interest in Music and he became a fan of the guitar and the clarinet